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Hiring a developer is always a tricky endeavor. UPSQODE makes this process much easier for all involved parties by ensuring only the best developers are available and easy to find. When you hire Android developers from us, you are guaranteed to get real, qualified developers with all the necessary experience. Our vetting process is one of the industry’s most rigorous, effective, and efficient. We offer a service to employers who will reduce the time and money they need to hire Android app developers.

UPSQODE makes it easy for employers to find, hire and manage Android developers. When anyone hires application developers from UPSQODE, they choose innovative engineers who are hardworking, organized, and have the skills needed to deliver high-quality Android apps on time.

Is your company looking to hire an Android developer? Why do you need one? Here are the top reasons to hire a mobile app developer:

  • Enhance the app performance
  • Experience that can transform your idea
  • Innovative and tested strategy for app development
  • Hands-on experience on projects
  • Flexibility as per client’s requirements

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    Android is a revolutionary platform and probably the most widely used mobile software today. Hiring Android developers from us will enable you to access the hottest mobile apps. We take pride in producing some of the best-developed apps on the market today, including native, cross-platform, and hybrid applications. Our experts will help you achieve immediate ROI and improved user experience with their knowledge and expertise in app performance optimization.

    Hire Android Developers for Exceptional Android App Development Services

    Mobile app development is critical for any business, and we at UPSQODE excel in this sector. We have some of the most skilled and experienced engineers for Android app development. Our developers are efficient and effective, ensuring you get the best out of their talent. We believe in quality work to bring a positive experience to our clients, which is why we provide that even the most minor details are addressed ideally.

    Android App Development

    By hiring our mobile app developers, one can rest assured that their technical requirements will be met. We bring a design-led approach to ensure your app has the right functionality and look. We also ensure that all project requirements are met and set up to make them easily expandable by future updates and enhancements.

    Android App Design

    Design is the core of any successful app. We ensure that our mobile app designers keep up with the latest trends in Android design by creating apps that are visually appealing while being easy to use. Our expert graphic designers are highly creative, skilled, and experienced in producing high-quality designs that meet your business needs.

    Application Upgrade & Integration

    Our mobile app developers have broad experience in the area of upgrading existing apps. They can design the best strategies to boost an existing app while ensuring all new features will integrate seamlessly with the original app.

    Android App Support & Maintenance

    We have a dedicated team of Android app support engineers capable of delivering comprehensive app support and maintenance services. With our technical expertise and proven track record, we can ensure your app is compatible with the latest Android OS version and other mobile platforms.

    Android App Quality Assurance

    We have professional testers who thoroughly test an app before releasing it in the market. Our QA experts do not limit themselves to unit tests but also help you perform bug checks, regression tests, and system testing to ensure all glitches are eliminated before an app is released to the market.

    Android App Testing

    Testing is the only way to determine if your app has errors. Our mobile app developers have their testing teams and tools to correct the errors. We are also able to test your app on multiple devices for compatibility issues and UI display. It's a good idea to hire us for Android app development so that you can ensure no mistakes are made when the app is launched.

    UPSQODE Android Tech Stack

    Connect with our Android experts and create a lightweight, fast and reliable software solution that can drive your business’s growth.

    Models Of Hiring Android Developers

    We offer flexible engagement models. You can choose to work with us by selecting the below engagement models




    Hire a dedicated developer on hourly basis to work on your project remotely.



    USD / per month

    Hire a dedicated developer for your next project on a monthly basis.

    Fixed Price



    Hire a team of dedicated developers to complete your project successfully.

    Android Application Developer 4-Step Hiring Process

    • Share your App requirements

      If you have a business idea or an existing site that needs further development, then connect with our certified App Developers.
    • Shortlist Android Application programmer

      UPSQODE will Provide you with a list of available Android Experts to build the best online store for your business.
    • Choose the right fit for your Store

      Our consultant will suggest you the best Application developer after listening to your requirements and the scope of work.
    • Remote Onboarding and support

      As soon as we finalize the suitable candidate, a dedicated Android app developer will be onboard within a day to fulfill your requirements.

    Why should you hire Android developers from UPSQODE?

    At UPSQODE, our mobile app developers offer superior results. The service we provide has helped our clients get some of the most advanced apps ranging from ones using feature phones to high-end smartphones. Also, UPSQODE has a team of highly skilled & experienced developers who are familiar with all aspects of application development. We believe in reducing the cost and minimizing the risks of app development for you to enjoy more benefits, including higher returns on your expenditure, and faster growth.

    Dedicated developers

    We have a pool of dedicated android app developers, whose sole purpose is to create and deliver successful apps.

    Best-in-class mobile app development capabilities

    We have experienced software engineers who are efficient, effective, and motivated to develop any sort of application to boost your large business.

    Cost-optimized services

    Our mobile App developers work on a project-based cost management system, which means that there will be no hidden costs for developing your application. To cut down the costs we have different hiring models available.

    Innovative apps

    As a reputable mobile app development agency, we are at the forefront of technological innovation and development. We bring the latest and most innovative Android technology to you through our experienced mobile app developers.

    Flexible payment options

    Our payment system ensures that you pay only for the services that our mobile App developers have rendered. Therefore we are offering an hourly work payment system.

    Quality assurance

    UPSQODE believes in quality, therefore, UPSQODE has a dedicated QA team who tests each Android application for bugs and errors before it's released to ensure flawless quality upon release.

    Happy Clients

    Joanne J

    CEO, SALT Advertising Group

    UPSQODE always does a great job for all the projects they does for us. We will certainly continue to use them on an ongoing basis.

    Frances P

    Customer Support Manager, Ursa Minor

    UPSQODE was the perfect choice for our OsTicket upgrade task. They are very responsive, and clear, and concise in giving details and explanations. They delivered everything we expected.

    Perkin K

    Marketing Operation Lead, AdPushup

    A+ work! Completed all tasks promptly and with expertise. I foresee using UPSQODE many more times in the future. Well-designed landing pages delivered quickly. Highly recommended!

    Kevin M

    Owner, Metro Precision Painting

    UPSQODE has a fantastic web designers. I gave them a list of things I wanted out of a landing page and they were able to satisfy all the requirements. I highly recommend their services.

    David S

    Senior Director, Georgia SoftWorks

    UPSQODE team worked tirelessly on our project. They went beyond the call of duty to make sure that everything was just the way we wanted it. They even ventured outside their area of expertise to meet our requirements. I hope to start another project soon with UPSQODE, as I know they will make sure the job is done.

    UPSQODE Expertise in Various Domain

    We have served 100+ clients in almost all industry vertices across the globe. Have a glimpse of industries our developers worked earlier.
    • Saas
    • E-Commerce
    • E-Learning
    • Healthcare
    • Finance
    • Logistic
    • Real Estate
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Gaming & Sports
    • Food Delivery
    • Retail
    • Technology

    Larger Target Audience

    Android has a larger audience across all demographics compared to IOS. As per Google Android is having 2.5+ Billion users from all over the globe.

    Open Source

    Android is the most popular open-source mobile operating system, which accepts all the hardware implementations and allows all the features.

    Data Connectivity

    Almost all smartphones come with an internet connection, allowing them to be updated with app updates at any time. Android is offering connectivity features like Bluetooth, NFC, Wifi P2P, SIP, USB, and many more!


    Regular updates are provided for users to ensure their app is running at its peak performance at all times. Android is releasing new features quite often which makes users take it easier.

    Fast Processing Speed

    Android’s processing speed is faster than iOS, making it easier for users to download and open apps. Android is supporting processors like snapdragon, which enhance the application’s loading capacity.

    Ease Of Use

    The interface and design of an Android phone give the user a more intuitive experience allowing them to use the apps with ease and clarity in mind.

    Want to Hire other developers?

    UPSQODE provides a wide range of other development services as well. Check out our complete portfolio of services and hire developers from our platform to avail of expert resources at affordable rates to get your job done.
    Imagine your development team working without any overall strategy or system, with little or no guidance from you. That’s not how it should be – and that’s why we recommend that you select us! With us, you can expect a team that is skilled in each of the aspects of app development, including:
    • Object-oriented design
    • Cross-platform and multi-device development
    • User interface and user experience design
    We have highly talented, passionate, and skilled Android app developers with excellent communication skills and at least 3+ years of working experience. We want you to work with dedicated Android app development experts who will involve you throughout the project lifecycle, communicating clearly what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how it is expected to impact the business.
    Our Android app developers offer affordable rates that won’t hurt your budget. The cost of hiring a mobile app developer will depend on the number of development hours you require and the complexity of your project.
    UPSQODE has its own project management system through which you can check the number of hours worked by the dedicated android app developer along with the screenshots and description of the task. Also, We are open to using software like Slack, JIRA, Top Tracker, and many more. Moreover, you can be in touch with the developers using Skype, email, and many more messaging systems.