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Hire Angular Js Programmers to build scalable, robust, and high-performance modern-age web apps. Angular is a modern single-page framework for building client applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In UPSQODE, we have the most highly qualified Angular JS developers and programmers that are experienced in developing Dynamic and customized Angular Web Applications. Get experienced Angular JS developers at a very reasonable cost from us.

With our angular js developers, you can have 100% customized, high-quality, and maintainable applications built with Angular. As the best Angular JS development company, we are trusted to build lightweight and highly customized applications for our clients across the globe. Angular developers from our company can deliver detailed designs that can decrease your overall operational costs. UPSQODE will provide you with a tech-minded developer who can build a real-time data-driven application using Angular to run your business smoothly.

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    Why Hire Angularjs Developers from UPSQODE?

    Why Hire Angular developers from our firm– We are the most recommended Angularjs development services provider globally and have also been featured in various tech events for our appreciated work in AngularJS. With an in-depth understanding of technology, our AngularJS developers are the industry’s best. Our dedicated Angular JS team assures you of the best results in terms of both quality and cost.

    Hire Angular Experts from UPSQODE to build high-performance MVC-capable apps

    Hire Angular js developers from us when you need a team of dedicated developers to build your web app hassle-free and affordable. You can trust us to deliver high-quality, robust web applications that are customized to fit your budget and business needs.

    Web App Development

    With our Angular JS web development services, you will be able to create a web app with the help of AngularJS’ modular structure feature which enables developers to code on specific module bases. We have highly experienced Angular programmers who are well-versed in using the correct Angular architecture and framework to build high-performance single-page applications for your business.

    Single Page Applications

    As an Angular JS development company, we offer highly responsive solutions that allow you to engage more customers and create more leads, thus increasing your bottom line. Single Page Application designs are now becoming more and more common in today's market. They allow the user to remain on a web page and receive the status of a particular order. Also, they provide the user with the ability to add information and take action. Our dedicated Angular developers can build applications using both MVC and MVVM architecture.

    Plugin Development

    Hire Angular js programmers to build your plugins and add-ons. Our team of expert Angular JS developers has extensive knowledge in plugin development and can build plugins for angular apps on demand using Angular CLI features which helps to write clean and easy-to-understand code. The Angular JS developers at UPSQODE create custom plugins for your applications with unique functionality and features to meet your business requirements.

    Widget Development

    Our experts offer top-notch services and come up with the best Angular Widget development ideas for you. Widgets are pieces of reusable code that we can use to build different features which leads to clean coding. Our experts are well-versed in the creation and implementation of widgets.

    Version Migration

    With our team of Angular developers and experts, you can have the best ever version migration solution for your business. Version migration is the process of redesigning the architecture of your application in line with the new software updates.

    App maintenance and support

    Our Angular JS developers will devise a customized maintenance plan for your business. We are one of the leading companies in providing the best software maintenance and support services. If you are looking for dedicated Angular js developers to maintain your current Angular website, you can trust us due to our skilled team.


    Our Angular JS developers offer customized web application development services from scratch to the point where you will be able to change the app's interface design entirely if required. Our dedicated angular js developer has the capability to customize the website from the Server side and client side.

    Angular JS Mobile App Development

    We are one of the most reliable options for mobile application development. With our Angular developers and experts, we can offer you the best mobile app development opportunities using the angular js framework as it is having a bunch of jquery DOM libraries which makes your business stand out from the crowd. We have an expert Angular JS developers team who can deliver highly customized mobile app development services to meet your business needs.

    CMS and CMS Platforms

    We know that if you need an integrated, fully functional, cross-platform content management system (CMS), you can trust us to deliver it at an affordable cost. Our Angular JS developers help deliver websites as per requirements and come up with the best custom CMS software development ideas for your organization.

    UPSQODE Angular Tech stack

    Connect with our Angula js experts and create a lightweight, fast and reliable software solution that can drive your business’s growth.

    How to hire Angularjs developers from UPSQODE?

    At UPSQODE, we offer flexible engagement models that are specifically designed to fit your business needs and requirements. We understand that every business is different, therefore we offer custom engagement models that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.




    Hire a dedicated developer on hourly basis to work on your project remotely.



    USD / per month

    Hire a dedicated developer for your next project on a monthly basis.

    Fixed Price



    Hire a team of dedicated developers to complete your project successfully.

    How to Hire Angular.js Developer in 4 Simple Steps

    • Share your Web requirements

      If you have a business idea or an existing site that needs to be improved, contact our certified website Developers.
    • Select an Angular Developer

      UPSQODE will provide you with a list of available Angular experts to help you create the best website or application for your company.
    • Select the best fit for your project

      After listening to your requirements and the scope of work, our consultant will recommend the best angular developer for your project.
    • Remote Onboarding and Support

      As soon as we find a suitable candidate, a dedicated Angular.js developer will be on board to meet your needs within a day.

    What value does UPSQODE offers when you hire Angular programmers for your business?

    We understand that when it comes to building engaging user interfaces and scalable software, you need dedicated developers who are talented, efficient, and can deliver on time. We are a certified organization that has delivered over 500+ web applications of various sizes to clients worldwide. We are one of the best providers for Angular JS Development.

    Custom Development

    Want to build a custom website for your business? You are at the right place here we provide custom web applications using APIs, Angular filters, two-way data binding, and many more which helps us to build customized solutions that can boost your revenue.

    Client Satisfaction

    Client satisfaction is our foremost priority and we believe in maintaining a 100% client satisfaction rate. In order to do so, we have a specific team who takes follow-ups from the customer about ongoing work to build a healthy and long-term relationship.

    Agile Methodology

    We have a well-defined Agile methodology that caters to your project needs. The developers at UPSQODE are skilled in the Scrum framework and value its principles: self-organization, cross-functional teams, and face-to-face communication.

    Top Technical Skills

    Our team of Angular JS developers has deep knowledge of the integration of Restful and SOAP API with amazing coding skills. Developers at UPSQODE have the ability to use MVC Architecture, Coding standers, Angular libraries, and modularity. With lots of technical experience and expertise, our team can deliver outstanding results when it comes to building scalable web applications.


    You can easily see what your employees do by accessing the project’s activity feed. If you want to know how much time they spent on each task, what bugs they worked on, and how much time it took to complete that task, you can access this information from the activity feed.

    Reputation and Clients

    We have worked with different clients worldwide and delivered hundreds of solutions to different industries from fintech to the health industry. Enterprise companies have adopted our solutions because we deliver outstanding results.

    Happy Clients

    Joanne J

    CEO, SALT Advertising Group

    UPSQODE always does a great job for all the projects they does for us. We will certainly continue to use them on an ongoing basis.

    Frances P

    Customer Support Manager, Ursa Minor

    UPSQODE was the perfect choice for our OsTicket upgrade task. They are very responsive, and clear, and concise in giving details and explanations. They delivered everything we expected.

    Perkin K

    Marketing Operation Lead, AdPushup

    A+ work! Completed all tasks promptly and with expertise. I foresee using UPSQODE many more times in the future. Well-designed landing pages delivered quickly. Highly recommended!

    Kevin M

    Owner, Metro Precision Painting

    UPSQODE has a fantastic web designers. I gave them a list of things I wanted out of a landing page and they were able to satisfy all the requirements. I highly recommend their services.

    David S

    Senior Director, Georgia SoftWorks

    UPSQODE team worked tirelessly on our project. They went beyond the call of duty to make sure that everything was just the way we wanted it. They even ventured outside their area of expertise to meet our requirements. I hope to start another project soon with UPSQODE, as I know they will make sure the job is done.

    UPSQODE Expertise in Various Domain

    We have served 100+ clients in almost all industry vertices across the globe. Have a glimpse of industries our developers worked earlier.
    • Saas
    • E-Commerce
    • E-Learning
    • Healthcare
    • Finance
    • Logistic
    • Real Estate
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Gaming & Sports
    • Food Delivery
    • Retail
    • Technology


    With the MVC framework, it’s easy to make changes to a page without causing errors and bugs.

    Good performance

    The framework has been optimized for speed, which makes it much faster than other frameworks.

    Mobile ready

    Angular JS can be used on any device or browser type with their mobile-friendly package.

    SEO friendly

    Angular JS helps you have better indexing in the search engines with their clean code practices.

    Integrated testing library

    It’s possible to do end-to-end testing with Protractor, which makes development more efficient.

    Open source

    The whole framework is available for free under the MIT License.

    Highly configurable

    With its pipes that are used to pipe JavaScript expressions into a template, you can customize every aspect of the framework.

    Powerful for creating enterprise-grade applications

    The framework can scale to thousands of simultaneous users, which makes it capable of handling mission-critical business processes.

    Want to Hire other developers?

    UPSQODE provides a wide range of other development services as well. Check out our complete portfolio of services and hire developers from our platform to avail of expert resources at affordable rates to get your job done.
    You can hire a developer for an hour, a day, or a week depending on your requirement. It depends on the project complexity, design, animation, and features you want to see on your website and you can contact us to get a quote.
    Yes, we have a team of dedicated, experienced, and skilled software developers who are talented and efficient and who are up-to-date with the latest technologies.
    We do offer a remote hiring option when it comes to coding but not when it comes to project management since we are an in-house agency. If you are looking for an in-house project management team, we can also help you with this.
    We work with each sort of client and serve all industries whether it is a portfolio website or application that works on real-time data.
    It depends on the project requirements and complexity since every project is unique and different. To know more about how long it takes to complete an Angular app, contact us today using the form below for FREE consultations from our expert Angular programmers!
    Yes, it is one of the most secure technologies available today since Angular uses best-suited and trending web technologies. It has a proven track record and a reputation that empowers robust and fast solutions.
    Our AngularJS/HTML5 app development service includes expert services such as code review, debugging and testing, cross-browser compatibility testing, problem analysis, project management, and management oversight. We build complete solutions that are ready to be deployed.